SISA closes the circuit of the largest crane in the world!

Recently Sarens presented their new crane, the SGC 250, to the worldwide industrial community. With a dazzling height of 250meters and a radius of 275m, it’s the largest in the world. Thanks to its lifting abilities up to 5.000 tonnes, it is also the strongtest in the world.


This crane is just gigantic! But of course the strength needs to be put to use. That’s were SISA comes in the picture.

SISA assembled and delivered 2.000m hydraulic hoses and couplings to this project. Also the 932 hydraulic quickcouplings used to enable all the different settings of the crane, were supplied by SISA. All this just to create the circuit for the 18.000 lites hydraulic oil used to transport the different forces needed to move such Belgian technological marvel.


SISA Presto App

For further improvement of their support SISAPRESTO presents the SISAPRESTO app.

Unforseen hydraulic issues? You'll need a fast solution but who you're going to call? Or who is close by? Recognizable? No longer with our app!

As soon as you open the app, we'll show you all our local partners, with the SISAPRESTO central help-line on top. The partners are sorted according the distance to your current location. The closest one to you is on top, the farthest at the bottom. Choose your partner and you'll see his contact details. With one click you're dailing his number.

You can also confirm the service request by text message, to be certain the SISAPRESTO partner is informed and no information or time is lost.

The app is available on most android devices and can be downloaded from Google Pay Store.

Open Google Play Store on your smartphone and search for "SISAPRESTO". Follow the known steps to install your app. We only need permission to know your current location and make the calls.

SISA nv is validated according the quality assurance system ISO 9001:2015
At SISA nv, quality is always held in high esteem. Hence our 7 key competences:
Willing to learn
Adaptive and resilient to change
Customer-minding and quality trading
Take initiatives
Problem solver 
Respectful communication
This year we’ve engaged ourselves in the transit from the quality assurance system ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.
To do so, the accreditation company SGS held an audit at our plant in Belgium and Poland. SISA has passed both audits with merit and since august 17, 2017, we are proud to announce that SISA operates according the quality assurance system ISO 9001 version 2015!

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